Administrative Law

Administrative law is one of the most complex law areas, due to the vast and, in most cases, uncodified legislation. As a result, great insecurity is created to citizens when they have to consult or come to cooperation and contact with public authorities and agencies. The need for correct and complete legal information and guidance is explicit, since, in many cases, the imposition of fines or administrative sanctions is threatened. The need for effective legal support from a lawyer specialized in the relevant issues is also clear, even more, at the stage where there appears a dispute with the public sector or any public authority.

Our office handles all kinds of administrative law cases, mainly specializing in the following areas:

  • Civil Service Law issues (disciplinary issues, civil servant leaves, salary issues, reassignments, transfers, ASEP public tender process, etc.).
  • Appeals against decisions imposing fines of any kind.
  • Appeals and Actions for annulment of all types of administrative acts.
  • Actions for damages against the Greek State, regional and local authorities.
  • Tax infringements.
  • Urban planning Law and Zoning Law.
  • Legal representation before public and tax authorities.
  • Immigration and Aliens’ Law (Issuing of residence permits, Internal administrative appeals and Actions for annulment against negative administrative decisions, acquisition of Greek citizenship, deletion from EKANA «National List of undesirable aliens», family reunification, protection from deportation, applications for granting of asylum card, etc.).