Civil & Real Estate Law

Our office undertakes the handling and resolution of all kinds of private disputes both out of court and in court. Our primary concern is to defend the interests of our principals in the fastest, most economic, and efficient way. Just some of the areas of the activity we specialize in are:

  • Real estate and real estate title search. Submission of Cadastral declarations. Correction of cadastral records. County and ownership legal actions.
  • Family disputes. Divorce and marital disputes. Minor children custody and maintenance. Adoptions. Acknowledgment and infringement of paternity. Guardianship. International child abduction. Recognition of foreign judgments. Surrogacy.
  • Hereditary differences. Testaments. Acceptance and renunciation of inheritance.
  • Claims for compensation for road accidents.
  • Medical malpractice claims.
  • Drafting and verification of Agreements and contracts of all kinds.
  • Recovery of receivables and issuing of payment orders.
  • Lease disputes. Injunction for forced eviction. Legal actions for lease adjustments. Legal actions for the payment of rents and utilities. Urban and commercial leases.
  • Change of first name and surname. Civil status records and certificates correction. Civil status events certification.
  • Change of gender identity.