Labor Law & Pensions

Labor law is one of the legal areas that undergoes the most legislative changes. This fact does not allow workers and pensioners to get the correct information about their rights, creating insecurity and often making the assistance of a lawyer specialized in labor and social security issues totally necessary.

Our office, with excellent knowledge of labor law and related issues, can effectively guide you in any issue related to employment and pensions, providing the necessary consultation, but also fully handling all kinds of cases and issues of labor and social security law, such as, indicatively:

  • Claiming accrued wages.
  • Litigation from employment contract termination.
  • Compensation due to work accidents.
  • Collective dismissals.
  • Harassment in the workplace (mobbing).
  • Employee leaves (regular, sick, parental, etc.).
  • Pension and insurance issues (stamps counting, pension entitlement verification, pension amount calculation, retirement application. (Old-age, disability, widow's, supplementary pensions, uninsured elderly allowance).