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Post study work residence permit in Greece

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One of the most frequent issues that concerns citizens of third countries who have a residence permit for studies in Greece is their stay in the country after the end of their studies. Until recently, the law did not allow in any way the stay of these persons in Greece after the end of their studies, except in the case of forming a family in Greece (due to marriage or entering into a cohabitation agreement) with a Greek citizen.

Article 119 of Law 5038/2023 includes special regulations allowing the stay of students and researchers for the purpose of job search or entrepreneurship in Greece (in compliance with European Directive 2016/801). More specifically, it is stipulated that after the completion of studies or research, the holders of a residence permit for studies (residence permit type H.1) and the holders of a residence permit for research (residence permit type H.3) can remain in Greece based on a one-year residence permit in order to look for work or set up a business corresponding to the level of research or studies completed. Students who wish to be subject to this provision must hold a higher education degree and for this purpose, when submitting the relevant application, the interested party submits the higher education diploma to the competent authorities as evidence.

This application is submitted within a period of at least thirty (30) days before the expiry of the residence permit for studies (H.1) or the residence permit for research (H.3). For the purpose of residence in accordance with the above, a residence permit of type E.1, E.3 or B.1 is granted upon application by the student concerned, as long as the student proves that he has health insurance coverage in Greece and sufficient resources to cover his stay in Greece.

It is expressly provided in the law that if the evidence of obtaining a higher education diploma or the confirmation of the research organization for the completion of the researcher’s research activity is not available before the expiry of the permits for studies (H.1) or for research (H. 3), while all other conditions are met, the Greek authorities allow the third-country national to remain in Greece, in order to submit the evidence in question within a period of three (3) months from the expiry of the previous permit.

After at least three (3) months from the issuance of the residence permit described above, third-country nationals are required to prove to the competent immigration authorities that they have a real possibility of being employed or setting up a business and that the job sought by the third-country national or the business he is going to set up correspond to the level of studies completed.

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