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Residence permit in Greece for economically independent persons (FIP)

Δάφνη Σιώπη. Δικηγορικό γραφείο.

According to article 20 of Law 4251/2014 (Immigration Code), citizens of third countries (non-EU) who are economically independent persons are eligible to obtain a residence permit in Greece if they have sufficient resources at a fixed annual income level to cover their living expenses, without having any work or independent economic or investment activity in Greece (high income pensioners etc.).

In order to grant a residence permit in Greece as a financially independent person, the third-country citizen must apply for a long-term VISA (type D) to the Greek Consulate of his place of residence, proving to this end that he/she is able to cover his living expenses in Greece, without having to work or exercise any economic activity. This person may also be accompanied by members of his / her family who are required to submit a separate application for a long-term visa (VISA) to the relevant Greek consular authority.

The amount of money that a third-country citizen wishing to obtain a residence permit in Greece as an economically independent person is required to have monthly amounts to EUR 2,000.00, which is increased by 20% for the spouse and by 15% for each child he/she wishes to bring with him/her in Greece. The existence of this amount is evidenced by elements such as the retirement or the bank account. In addition to supporting documents proving the existence of sufficient financial resources in accordance with the above, the third-country citizen must also provide proof that he has full medical and hospitalization coverage during his stay in Greece (i.e private insurance contract ) or a certificate stating that he / she has filed an application with an insurance institution.

Upon receipt of the entry visa (type D) and entry into Greece, the third-country citizen is obliged to submit a request to the competent Authority of Aliens and Immigrants of the decentralized Authority for the issue of a residence permit. The residence permit for economically independent persons lasts for two (2) years and can be renewed every three years. This type of residence permit does not provide access to the labor market in Greece.


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